Aire Bra is is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear with no hooks, clips, straps and padding. Aire Bra is light and shapes, supports and styles for the most flattering figure ever!

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Buy aire bra online in Pakistan is specially designed bra that has completely changed the customary strategy for covering the breasts. The there hasn’t prominent change conveyed to the Bra throughout the previous 5 decades and this is a fact that such ordinary bra leave mark on the delicate part of the chest. These imprints are fundamentally due to the few underwire utilized in bras. Presently the arrangement of such issues has come in the state of Slim N Lift Aire Bra. The new Aire bra has manufactured in a total different way than the traditional bra. Buy Aire Bra online in Pakistan is structured from the eternity fit-innovation. The texture made of this innovation is produced using the unique reason Santoni Machines that has in excess of thousand needles introduced on it.

Slim and Fit Aire Bra

This slim and fit aire bra has no hooks and wires at all. Also, this bra doesn’t cause to the fragile skin since it is produced from the knitted fabric. This bra is all the more light-weight, delicate, agreeable and body-accommodating than the common bra. The texture of Aire bra in Pakistan is stretchable and can without much of a stretch adjust as per the breasts estimate appropriate from the very beginning. It spares the valuable time of ladies to change the bra every they attempt it on. This bra is comfortable to the point that ladies can even rest while wearing it. The Slim and fit Aire Bra comes in a single size that fits all. Buy aire bra online in Pakistan that can also repel the sweat, so you remain crisp for throughout the day. Presently dispose of your conventional bra and buy the new Slim and fit Aire Bra in Pakistan today!

Aire Bra Specifications

The AIRE BRA is most comfortable bra you will ever own. AIRE BRA lifts and supports your chest relieving back pain and eliminating back fat.
Pack of Three=1890
Pack of Six=2890

Available Colors:

Black, Brown and White.
Available Size:
extra large
double extra large


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