Rollie Egg Master

The Egg Cooker Provides Healthy, Delicious Fat Free Cooking.
Cooks up to 2 Eggs,Omelettes, Fritters and More
Great Breakfast Snack.No shells to peal, cooks eggs in half the time of hard boiled eggs
Easy Clean-up and Use, Energy Saver with 140 W Heater

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Rollie Eggmaster Buy online Pakistan

Early in the day, when time is valuable, you should simply empty your most loved breakfast fixings into the egg cooker; make your coffee, to prepare for work. While Rollie Eggmaster buy online Pakistan takes every necessary step for you without supervision, enabling you to prepare for the day. The Patented egg cooker is intended to have your most loved breakfast consequently spring up when prepared, it is convenient, you can utilize it anyplace with an electrical outlet (home, office, residence) and it has a little impression.
The assortment of formulas is boundless, from bacon and egg, to complex omelets, eggs in a sweeping, egg white veggies, egg pooch breakfast sandwich, thus considerably more. It was planned considering you! At the point when contrasted with hardboiled eggs, the Egg master EM55562 leads the pack, it doesn’t require water, puncturing or ringing egg shells. Rollie eggmaster buy online Pakistan, it is the most adaptable egg cooker available.


The egg cooker has no switches or dials, just two marker lights, essentially connect it to. Pour your nourishment in the Eggmaster’s cooking chamber and your work is finished. At the point when your sustenance is prepared, it will spring up. At the point when wrapped up the Egg cooker, just unplug it and flush with mellow cleanser utilizing gave cleaning brush.

Licensed Technology

The Rollie Eggmaster buy online Pakistan is licensed in the USA and universally. Its cooking chamber is covered with FDA affirmed nonstick covering and the egg cooker is intended to auspicious push the cooked sustenance upwards when prepared, utilizing its own steam produced by the nourishment. No doubt the main egg cooker in the market that is cool to the touch.

Included with the Eggmaster is a Cleaning Brush

Rollie Eggmaster Buy online Pakistan intended to fit consummately the cooking chamber making it quick and simple to perfect. Five wooden sticks – used to help the state of the nourishment being cooked when it springs up and a sustenance packer – to enable you to pack nourishment in the cooking chambe. In addition 25+ formulas, making this inventive egg cooker a special, fun and solid cooker.


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