Fair Look Cream

Fair Look is an Ayurvedic fairness lotion that brings fair, glowing and healthy skin. It also helps reduce scars, blemishes, pigmentation, dark circles, acne, sunburn, dark spots.

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Fair Look Cream Price in Pakistan
Fair look is a skincare item fabricated utilizing Ayurveda fixings making it safe for skin and other body parts. This Lotion is mix of absolutely safe home grown and Ayurveda items to treat skin issues like dim dull slick skin, skin break out and leaving facial skin reasonable and supple. It functions admirably on other body parts too to lightning of skin and giving even tone all through. Mega brands offer fair look cream price in Pakistan.
It tends to be utilized by men, ladies and adolescents.
1. 100% Natural Ingredients so no symptom
2. Safe for all Skin Types
3. GMP guaranteed excellent item
4. Can be utilized on body parts.
5. No requirement for any costly healthy skin

Best Cream for Fairness and Glowing Skin
Best cream for fairness and glowing skin that Look can be connected to any uncovered parts of the body principally legs, arms, neck and face. It is exceptionally valuable to expel sun-tan, difficult pimple imprints to give a transmitting shine on your skin.
Reasonable look contains compelling and common Ayurveda herbs that decrease MELANIN, primary explanation behind dull skin.

Herbs in Fair Look
1. Turmeric/Haldi – Exfoliation, Blackheads, Blemishes, Anti-septic.
2. Manjjistha – Pigmentation, Freckles, Discoloration
3. Sandalwood/Chandan – Hydration, Cooling specialist, Tan
4. Aloe Vera – Anti bacterial, Pimples, Acne,
5. Lemon Peel-Anti Microbial, Dark Spots, Blemishes
6. Liquorice-Skin Firmness,Lightening specialist
7. Chironji Seeds-Smoothening, Rashes, Dead skin expulsion

8 Rose Petals-Anti-parasitic, Tightens pores, Glow
9. Honey – Pigmentation, Scars, Dryness

Fair Look Uses
Best Cream for Fairness and Glowing Skin Lotion is a formulation of a blend of ingredients like Tomato juice and cream. Together these ingredients make the skin softer and restore smoothness.
The unique formulation of these 9 effective ingredients helps nourish the skin making the skin radiant and glowing.


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