Slap Chop

Slap Chop is a manual chopper machine that chops food when you slap the plunger. You can slap once or twice for large cuts or several times for finer cuts. You don’t have to switch any blades. Today we’re offering the Slap Chop at an reasonable price.



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1 Slap Chop Graty (Cheese Grater)
The Slap Chop is a manual chopper machine that works when you slap the plunger part.
Every slap triggers the 3 blades below to chop and cut the food.
The more you slap the Slap Chop, the finer the food gets.Today you can get the Slap Chop and Graty
Dice, Chop & Mince In Seconds You never need to switch blades Chop up vegetables, nuts, & fruits, quickly


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