Tummy Trimmer

Contoured foot pedals, Steel coil pull-up bar
Portable & Lightweight
Use it anywhere
Flattens tummy in just minute a day
Firms Chest and arms, Tightens hips and thighs
High quality tummy trimmer with heavy duty double springs
Length: 14.5 inches
Box Contents: 1 Tummy trimmer
The springs will be little tight as this is a Tummy Trimmer, once started using it the effect will be seen



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Buy Tummy Trimmer Online in Pakistan
You can buy tummy trimmer with double hard service springs. It is a very effective product to trim the abdomen and strengthen the arms, legs, hips and thighs. You can buy tummy trimmer online in Pakistan, now you can easily get rid of the unwanted inches in a couple of minutes by using the tummy trimmer. Presently you can get easily the firmer and slimmer stomach, which you constantly longed for. The Tummy Trimmer tones your legs, hips, arms and thighs in the best way. This adaptable exercise machine works by pulling the strings with the weight by altering your foot in the footstool zone. The pulling tones the muscles of the legs, chest, thighs and hips. This activity machine builds the temperature of the body that makes fat consume.

How to use tummy trimmer?
You can use it as a rowing machine. Sit on the ground. Place your feet on the foot pedals. Keep the handles. Turn a little and then pull the handles slowly towards your chest as it holds the upper part of your body in place by tightening the muscles of your tummy. Buy tummy trimmer online in Pakistan, you may be able to lie down with your outstretched arms and have to bring your arms to your chest and legs in the air. Then, lower the legs slowly while keeping the chest handles or stretch, using your stomach muscles to resist lifting the back of the ground. Type of reverse leg lift.

Tummy Trimmer Price in Pakistan
The tummy trimmer is an unrest for both home and business Gym’s in Pakistan. The Tummy Trimmer activities are intensive as well as extremely straightforward and simple to direct consistently.
Buy Tummy trimmer online in Pakistan that is a basic and convenient exercise help that conveys to your benefit, the answer for corpulence and unfit well-being, without gnawing into your calendar.
Mega Brands offer tummy trimmer price in Pakistan at an affordable cost. Worked with the idea of moderate utility. The Tummy Trimmer activities are intensive as well as extremely straightforward and simple to direct consistently.
You should simply locate a level place sufficiently huge to oblige your lying position and take after this manual for begin seeing stomach trimmer advantages.

Do not use while standing.
Use only with sneakers or bare feet
Do not let unit slip off feet.
Spring hold not be stretched beyond 3’6″
You should consult your physician before starting on an exercise program.
be sure straps are pulled up and snug over feet If unit loosens on feet, stop exercising and persecute pedals and straps.


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