Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Now! On Your Face Or On Your Body. From Your Hear To Your Toes. Ultra Wizzit Is Unlike Other Hair Remove Products And Gets Rid Of Hair Fast!



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For all the females out there; do you find it really difficult to clean out your hair? Fed up of all those hair removal creams that really don’t work out? And all the false promises they make? Well, now it is time for a change. Ultra Wizzit finishes off this dilemma and makes you feel much better when it comes to hair removal. Here is what Ultra Wizzit offers you and promises to do for you in the name of removing your skin hair and making you feel your skin softer and better.

What is Inside Ultra Wizzit?
Double capacities Epilator In addition to Shaver

2 Speed Decisions

Battery Worked and Rope Use
Proficiently takes a shot at All Body Parts.
Frill: One Charger, Brush, Stockpiling Pocket

A great hair evacuation gadget! Itevacuates more hair, all the more effectively with most extreme solace. With two speeds, the undesirable hair from legs, underarms and swimming outfit line is uprooted faster, leaving the skin smooth and luxurious. The unit likewise incorporates a double capacity compatible foil shaver head connection with implicit long-hair trimmer, an exclusive convey case, a loofa wipe and cleaning brush. The unit is absolutely electric and accompanies a connector. This isa great and impressive hair evacuation framework that uses a progressive tweezer plate framework with double restricted heads. Electrically worked with 36 tweezers on a twofold dynamic surface to extend the skin and take into account more hair to be expelled from the root all the more productively and all the more rapidly.

Features of Ultra Wizzit:

Perfect for two-piece line; as you call it BIKINI!
Ideal for legs
Shaver connection is awesome for touchy regions

Notable Components:

Formed outline keeps the skin tight
Pulling and inconvenience is minimized
Expels even the finest hair from the root
Durable results – re-development of hair is slower and better
Twofold dynamic surface with 36 pulling specialists implies hair evacuation that is twice as quick
Delicate touch grasp – intended for extreme solace and control
Incorporates a double capacity, foil shaver with implicit long-hair trimmer

Simple to clean

This is all that the amazing Ultra Wizzit has to offer you and you can get this in hardly 1,999 PKR and make your hair evacuation process easier and trouble free. Grab it now before it is all sold out and you don’t this great piece to catch on. Hurry girls, before it’s too late.

Remove Hair easy With the revolutionary new “Ultra Wizzit”, it’s quicker

easier, and gentler than ever to remove unwanted hair from face, legs and sensitive bikini areas. Simply “Ultra Wizzit” over the area.
“Ultra Wizzit” attracts hair like a magnet, working 50 TIMES faster than tweezers to pull every single hair from the root.
Your skin will stay ultra-smooth and clear with no re-growth for weeks!
“Ultra Wizzit” is Ideal for upper lip, eyebrows, chin, legs and more.
Light compact design, great for travel


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